Pause your Myki Annual Pass

Due to COVID-19, PTV have announced that you can now pause your MYKI card.

In order to pause a myki Pass, PTV will need to block your existing card and send a brand new one in the mail that will be valid for however many days you had left in your original pass. These remaining days will only start running once you touch on for the first time with your new card. Please call PTV on 1800 800 007 so they can put this pause in place. Make sure to advise them it is a Commuter Club card, as they may not be able to locate you in their system otherwise. Please note the replacement card will be sent to the address on your account – in many cases, this may be a business address. The PTV call centre team can assist you with updating these address details to suit your requirements. Please note that the repayments for your card will continue to be deducted each fortnight from your pay until the card is paid in full, as you have an interest free loan agreement with Payroll. The repayments cannot be paused. The only way to stop the payments is to pay out the outstanding balance of the loan.

If you do not wish the loan repayments to continue to be deducted from your fortnightly pay, you will need to either pay out the outstanding balance of your loan yourself or cancel your Myki and get a refund from PTV. To do this, please call PTV on 1800 800 007 and make sure to advise them it is a Commuter Club card. We strongly recommend prior to cancelling your card that you ask PTV for a refund quote and that you check the balance owing on your repayments by checking your most recent payslip. IMPORTANT: Please click here to understand how PTV calculate refunds for partially used passes. If you decide to go ahead with the cancellation, PTV will then arrange a refund for you directly to your personal bank account. Sometimes they will suggest they can transfer the balance directly to the NAB Staff Club but this would add an extra step to the process as we would then need to transfer it to you, so please let them know you need them to transfer it into your own account.

*Please note there is a non-refundable administration fee of $67.50  included in the total cost of your Annual Pass. This covers the administrative work the NAB Staff Club do to provide the Myki cards, including requesting Payroll to have the loan set up for you and liaising with the PTV team on your behalf. This amount is included in the price of the pass and deducted as part of the interest free loan set up by Payroll.

Once you have received the refund from PTV, you will then need to transfer the balance of your outstanding loan to Payroll. You can check what the outstanding balance is on your payslip. Please email for the bank details. Once this is done, you will need to raise a query via the Colleague Connect portal to advise the outstanding balance of your loan has been transferred. The Payroll Team will then close out your loan and cease the deductions.

Please email if you have any questions.