MYKI Annual Pass

Available to all permanent NAB employees on payroll, NAB Staff Club offers an interest free loan on an annual Myki pass. Loan repayments are paid in instalments that are debited directly from your fortnightly salary. Contractors, external employees and casual employees have the option to pay the total annual amount by credit card in one transaction. 



Staff Club Members
Zone 1 & 2 - $1,647
This is repaid in 26 equal instalments of $63.35 (post tax) over 12 months and directly deducted from your fortnightly salary.
Non Staff Club Members
Zone 1 & 2 - $1,755
This is paid in 26 equal instalments of $67.50 (post tax) over 12 months and directly deducted from your fortnightly salary.

Please note there is a non-refundable administration fee of $67.50 included in the prices stated above for 2020 Annual Passes. This covers the administrative work the NAB Staff Club do to provide the Myki cards, including requesting Payroll to have the loan set up for you and liaising with the PTV team on your behalf. This amount is included in the price and deducted as part of the interest free loan set up by Payroll. 

Not a Staff Club Member? Join the NAB Staff Club and save $100+ on your Myki, plus you'll receive access to special offers to exclusive events, activities and great discounts on shopping.


Myki applications are processed monthly – and it may take several weeks until you receive your new card from the moment you apply – so please time your application accordingly. You will be issued with a new Myki card each year you apply as we are unable to load passes onto existing Myki cards.
You will find the Application Form at the bottom of this page. Before you apply, please ensure you have reviewed the Myki Application cut off dates below and understand when fortnightly deductions will commence and when you should expect to receive your new Myki Card. It's important to note that your 365 days only start from the first time you touch on and off with your new Myki card.
For any questions not answered in our FAQ's please email


Applications close: Monday, 19 April 2021 at 11:59pm
First instalment from your pay: 12 May 2021
When to expect your Myki card: Mid-May 2021

Applications close: Monday, 24 May 2021 at 11:59pm
First instalment from your pay: 23 June 2021
When to expect your Myki card: End of June 2021

Applications close: Monday, 28 June 2021 at 11:59pm
First instalment from your pay: 21 July 2021
When to expect your Myki card: End of July 2021


Please make sure to double check the details entered before submitting the form. Information such as your correct employee number, date of birth and shipping address is vital to the process. If you think you have made a mistake while submitting the form, please contact and we will make sure to amend it. Please note you will not receive an automatic confirmation e-mail. Instead, you will be contacted by a member of the Myki team once this month's applications have closed.
If you already hold a Myki Annual Pass through this program, please ensure you review the monthly cut off dates above so you know when you should reapply according to your current pass' expiry, which you can check at any Myki machine or reader. It is important to note that you will be deducted twice if you order a new Myki Annual Pass but you have not yet paid off your existing Myki loan. You can check the outstanding balance of your Myki 'Transport Ticket' loan on your payslip.


Please note you must be on the NAB network to view this form. This is to ensure your data is protected.
Please be aware that by submitting this form you are agreeing to the NAB Staff Club sharing the data entered with the PTV team.